The HD1 Build is one of our most popular HD FPV Drone kits to date. It gives the aspiring pilot an awesome HD FPV experience with a resilient and powerful drone that is easy to maintain.

Whether you are building from your own choices of components, or purchased our HD1 DIY Kit or Pre-Built HD1 Drone, you can learn everything you need to know about the HD1 in this guide!

This guide will show you the things you need to fly this bad-ass quad to the fullest capability! Down below you will find HD1's compatible parts, building instructions, configuration and other useful resources.


Replacement Parts & Accessories List

Rotor Riot makes sure to have all the parts you need to get in the air. Here are HD1's compatible parts.

Replacement Electronics List

These are the default components of our Ready-To-Fly HD1 Build. You can use this list as a parts recommendation for your own build!

Building Instructions and Configuration

The HD1 Building Manual details the things you need to build the quad set up including the wiring diagram, wire harness closeup, frame assembly, motor & ESC connections, FPV system connections, flight controller connections and the final assembly instructions.

You can also watch the videos below to learn more!

 Do you want to know more about the HD1 Build? Check out these videos!

Contact us here if you need more help. We are a community here at Rotor Riot. We would love to hear from you!