HD1-XR 7" Deadcat Frame



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An affordable, durable, DJI HD compatible 7" frame. We took the design of the HD1, and updated the arms to create this Xtended Range beast. Flying in HD is expensive. Save some cash by pairing it with a solid, affordable frame. 

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For detailed instructions, links to spare parts, and other resources, check out the HD1 Frame resources page!

Flight time is dependent on motor, propeller and battery selection.


  • DJI HD Compatible
  • No props in GoPro Superview with 20 & 30 deg mounts
  • Printed camera mount for DJI camera
  • Printed antenna mount for DJI antennas
  • 3mm bottom plate for extra strength
  • High strength carbon fiber pieces
  • 6 & 7 inch prop support
  • Asymmetrical motor protection
  • Mounting holes for both 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 boards
  • Additional 20×20 mounting in rear section
  • Slots for accessory mounting
  • 16mm to 19mm motor mount layout
  • Weight: ~214g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rufus Garnette
Simple and strong frame

I enjoy building HD1- XR 7 inch frsme. the friends are not complicated to assemble. Unbreakable 8mm arms.I have purchased eight HD1 RX7 frame and one CL1 7" frame also purchase six 5" frame on two of your earliest 210mm 5" frame. I am a big fan of Rotor Riot products, number one on my list before any other manufacturer frames.

Abraham Barcena
Just Great

I have bought a lot of frames from china and also from another US vendors, but this one amaze me from the moment i saw what was included, the quality of the materials and the quantity of the extra hardware is included is amazing, i really love the simple but usefull design of this frame, i didnt have like pretty high expectations but this frame seems like bullet proof it just feels prety well.

Frame came improperly designed

I was super excited to get this frame but upon trying to attach the arms to the frame I discovered that the holes on the mounting plate were not all threaded the way they were supposed to be.

This is incredibly disappointing and on par with reviews I've read on reddit about rotor riot quality control not being up to snuff. I am super frustrated right now.

Nuke proof

The thickest arms I have ever seen. Literally nuke proof. The extra weight can be offset by choosing a more powerful motor.

The best 7 inch frame ever!

This frame is freaky awesome. 7 inch Frame are tricky to tune. But the HD1 XR is wonderful. No Vibration. It is so smooth to fly. i love it. Thank you very much for this great frame. Keep it up.. kind regards from Austria!!

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