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    Foxeer FPV Cameras

    Here at RaceDayQuads we all fly Foxeer FPV cameras and believe they are the leaders in the drone camera industry. You will see their gear being used on drones across the board, from FPV drone racing to recreational flying. With their Foxeer Arrow V2 camera, they have truly raised the bar by providing an excellent quality camera which is durable and comes with an OSD (on-screen display).

    As the innovator and leader of this technology, it is likely that other companies will follow Foxeer in the near future, but none can do it quite like they can. Every pilot (aka employee J) here at RaceDayQuads flies the Foxeer Arrow V2 camera, and looks forward to flying future renditions of this great camera. We especially love how the OSD is built-in, and how we, as the pilots, can view our name, time of flight, and battery voltage all in one customizable layout.

    We also offer a few different lenses for Foxeer FPV cameras and you should definitely make sure you have the lens that fits your needs as a flyer. There is a 2.1 and a 2.5 FPV lens and they fit for both Foxeer and Runcam cameras.

    As their cameras storm through this awesome sport we look forward to keeping you up to date and providing you not only the newest gear from Foxeer but the best prices. We also have reviews on some of their product. Check out our review on their new Arrow V2 camera. This will give you an idea as to why our racers choose it for their drones. We know great vision is a bonus that helps us stay in the leader podiums!

    Should you have any question as to what component will work best for you and if a Foxeer FPV camera is best for you and your racing quad, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond very quickly!