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    Kiss ESCs | Kiss Flight Controller

    Kiss ESC & Flight controllers for sale

    Next level smoothness, optimized and fast processors, and plug-and-play electronic speed controls – that’s Kiss. Created by Flyduino, one of the innovators in the FPV racing world, the Kiss 24-amp Race Edition ESC is known for its smooth, fast, and dependable operation. Able to easily handle 24 amps of racing power, and even more in short bursts, the Kiss ESC can stand up to challenges thrown at it by the fastest and most power hungry racers. Paired with the Kiss Flight controller your set up will be unstoppable!

    With the Kiss 24a Race Edition ESC, you will get top-notch components and build quality. You will not have to mess with any firmware or try to optimize confusing settings. All of that has been done for you. All you have to do is wire up your new piece of hardware, and you’re in the air. Fly more, fly better, and fix less – that is what the Kiss Race Edition ESC and Kiss flight controller will do for you.

    While other ESCs may burn up on you in the air, for seemingly no reason, the Kiss ESC is as dependable as they come. True German engineering is at your fingertips and flying on your super-fast FPV quadcopter. You may finder cheaper ESCs, but you will not find better ESCs. Here at RaceDayQuads we offer quality products and are proud to offer you the Kiss ESC and Kiss flight controller!

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Contact Us on this website, or through our Facebook page. We will respond quickly, and help you through the process as best as we call. RaceDayQuads stands behind all of its products, and this one is no different. Now go fly, and go have some fun!