Hook V2 5" Pro-Spec Built & Tuned Drone - 6S - by PDEVX

3-5 Day Lead Time

Video System: Fat Shark / Avatar HD
Receiver: FrSky


"Whether I'm ripping office parks or freestyling through the forest, I need a set-up I can rely on to take a beating and keep me in the air. This build is the culmination of countless flight hours and numerous revisions to produce what I feel is the perfect balance of agility, durability, and ease of use. Each part was carefully selected and every component has its place in order to keep the body as compact as possible resulting in a super tight center of gravity and amazing flight feel."

~ James Hester, aka PDEVX

Our pro-spec builds are designed by our top pilots by hand to be exactly what they use daily. Each pro-spec build carries with it the wisdom that you only gain through years of pushing the limits and finding just how to break beyond them. This truly is a bespoke flight experience for those looking for the best of the best.

Get a precise flying experience with the new PIRAT Hook V2 Frame! The V2 frame now features more durability (even in reverse), Caddx Vista integration, and adaptivity to all camera sizes. Developed in collaboration with PDEVX.

Crafted with high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum parts, the Hook V2 is a tough frame focusing on excellent CG balance to give a smooth, super-tunable flight. Custom-made with 235mm motor distance to give you enough space for clean air and flight stability.

Choose the video system that matches your goggles and which receiver you would like in your build. If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely terrifying

I bought this drone with tracer and avatar hd.
Coming from a 2,5"analog 1s drone to a 5" digital 6s powered drone is an experience.
This thing RIPS. Everything came in with updated firmware, if not for my goggles having outdated firmware I could have plugged and flown straight out of the box. The 3d printed pieces and vifly finder have saved my day multiple times and the whole build just feels strudy as hell. Full throttle against a tree, no problem: put new props on it, adjust camera angle and send it.
The build is tunable through betaflight, I gave the rates from PDEVX a chance but feels a bit too slow for my flightstyle so decided to change them recently.

tl:dr: sturdy frame, rips, plug and fly, best finish you can wish for

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