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Rotor Riot Drone Repair Service

We’d love to get your drone back to a well-flying condition! In order to get your drone repaired by our expert technicians, please read and follow the below steps!

1. Get In Touch First

To start off, you’ll need to create a support ticket. In some cases, your drone can be quickly fixed without having to send it in - so we’ll run through some basic troubleshooting with you. If that doesn’t work, and you have to send your drone in, having a ticket helps us stay in touch with you as we work through the repair process.  

Create a ticket by Emailing or Calling Customer Support

2. Pay the Diagnostic Fee

Before you send us your drone for a detailed diagnostic, you’ll need to pay a Diagnostic Fee of $20. To do this, our Customer Service Rep will email you an invoice, where you can easily make the payment. By the way, this amount will count as credit towards the repair cost! 

3. Ship Your Drone To Us

Once the Diagnostic Fee is paid, the Customer Service Rep will send you the address to ship your drone to. He will also ask that you print and fill in our RMA Form. Please don’t skip this step! The RMA Form is what helps us keep track of who’s drone we’re working on, so not including it can cause serious delays! 

Click Here to view and print the RMA Form

4. We’ll Examine Your Drone and Send You A Quote

We’ll take a look at your drone, figure out what’s wrong with it, and check if any components require replacements. We’ll then get back to you with a quote for the repair cost, as well as the replacement parts if any are needed. Please note that we’ll have to use the replacement parts we have on hand. Our main goal is to return your drone to a well-flying condition!

5. Pay the Repair Cost

If you agree with the repair cost and want to proceed with the repairs, we will email you another invoice for the repair cost and part replacements. This invoice will reflect the $20 credited from the Diagnostic Fee, as well as the cost for the return shipping. Once you’ve made the payment, we will proceed with the repair! 

6. We’ll Get Your Drone Back To Flying Well 

Our expert technicians will now start working on the repairs! We’ll take it apart, install any needed replacement parts, then put it back together and test it to make sure it flies amazing! Once the repair is complete, we will pack up your drone and ship it back to you so you can continue having a blast flying it!