F4 Pro V2 4530D 3-6S 30x30 Flight Controller

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DYS F4 PRO V2 flight control with high performance which is designed for FPV hobbyists. Not only combine PDB board together with flight control, but also integrated OSD, current meter, voltmeter, and built-in high power BEC, etc functions.
  • CPU:STM32F405RGT6
  • Gyro:MPU6000
  • BEC:5V/3A; 9V/2.5A
  • Flash Memory: 8M 
  • Voltage:3-6S
  • Firmware:betaflight_4.1.0_MATEKF405
  • UART serial port:5
  • Mounting dimension:30.5x30.5mm φ4mm
  • Board Net weight: 10.5g

Customer Reviews

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So many 5v pads!

I can power anything I want through this board, and the 5 uarts means I can have smart audio gps and any other devices I need!

Dys f405

Does not have a up to date firmware I tried flashing with the firmware that rotor riot customer service said to use know my drone flips out when armed like the props are on wrong be there not and my drone runs props out I have it setup right in betaflight I have other drones I promise it's set up right in betaflight props out d shot 300 made sure motors is spinning the right way and props are on right. The only thing I can thank of is I flashed it with the wrong firmware the firmware I was told to use is the STD firmware that's what I did just don't won't anyone else to have to deal with this


Seems to be OK the only Thang is the firmware on the fc 4.1 is old and when you go to flash new firmware you can't find it anywhere it says matekf405 in betaflight but when you go to flash it there no matekf405 .they are but it has SD or ctr or se on the end of it but there's no plan matekf405 like what's in betaflight don't won't to flash the wrong firmware so I d k hoping someone can help

Lenny passarwlli
Nice big solder pads!!

This was one of the easiest flight controllers to wire up!!

Enzo M
incorrect wiring info, wrong flash target in description

watch out how you wire your 4 in 1 cable... on the FC connector itself it was labeled which I thought was a nice touch, except it was backwards :/ Almost killed my FC had I not checked it. The cable that comes with it has the correct pin out.

Secondly, the MATEKF405 target only goes up to 4.1, not the latest version. I had to use the DYS 4530D target in betaflight to flash to the latest version, which works without any issues

Finally, a small thing but the silkscreen on my FC says 'TVX' for the VTX pin. The actual function of the FC is great, but the labeling was confusing.

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