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With this frame, you will be able to build a sub 250g 5” drone with similar flying characteristics as a standard 5”. A big advantage is that it's legal in most countries that have weight limits on fpv drones! It is capable of carrying an action camera with ease and it is insanely durable. At only 46g this frame is easy to stay sub 250g!

Designed by Shawn Morrison, Let's Fly RC.


  • one carbon fiber bottom plate 3mm thickness
  • one  carbon fiber top plate 2mm thickness
  • four M2 x 23mm knurled standoffs
  • four M2 grommets to dampen vibrations to the electronic stack
  • four 20mm screws for the electronic stack
  • four M2 nylon nuts to tiedown the electronic stack
  • 24pcs M2 x 6mm screws for standoffs, and motors


Outlaw Frame Dimensions

3D Printed Parts Found Here

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