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The new HD system from Runcam combines a digital HD transceiver, the Link Digital Air Unit, and the Runcam Phoenix HD Camera. The RunCam Link provides you a 1280x720 60fps video feed to see clearly and boasts great low-light performance thanks to its 1/2" high-sensitivity sensor.

About Runcam Link Digital FPV Air Unit

The Runcam Link Digital FPV Air Unit is an advanced video transmission module that supports a 5.8 GHz digital video signal and 1280 x 720 60fps image transmission, with a transmission range of up to 4 km and a minimum end-to-end latency within 32 ms*. The air unit can be mounted on a racing drone and used with DJI FPV Goggles or a remote controller to transmit video, control signals, and flight controller information wirelessly.

About RunCam Phoenix HD Camera

The RunCam Phoenix HD Camera provides a 1280x720 60fps resolution and uses a 1/2", up to 10650 mv/lux-sec ultra-high sensitivity sensor - making this camera excellent for night vision.

Suitable for freestyle flying, the RunCam Phoenix HD Camera comes with a 120cm coaxial cable so you can pair it up with the Link Air Unit!


RunCam LINK Phoenix HD Kit

  • Weight: Air Unit (camera included): 27 g
  • Weight: Air Unit (alone): 19.5
  • Dimensions : 
    • Air Unit: 29×29×13 mm
    • Camera:L19mm*W19mm*H23.5mm
    • Coaxial Cable: 120 mm
  • Operating Frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
  • Transmitter Power (EIRP) : 
    • FCC/SRRC: <30 dBm;
    • CE: <14 dBm
  • Min. Latency (end-to-end): 1280 x 720 60fps: 32 ms
  • Max. Transmission Distance: FCC/SRRC: 4 km; CE: 0.7 km; 
  • I/O Interface: Type-C, IPEX, 3-in-1 port, 
  • Supported Flight Control System: BetaFlight
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
  • Power: 7.4-26.4V@ 4-9W

RunCam Phoenix HD Camera

  • Image Sensor: 1/2”
  • Resolution: 1280*720@60fps
  • LENS: FOV D:157° H:133° V:72°
  • Shutter: Rolling Shutter
  • Coaxial Cable: 120 mm
  • Dimensions: L19mm*W19mm*H23.5mm
  • Weight: 7.5g



  • 1 x Link Air Unit + Phoenix HD Camera
  • 1 x APEX Antenna
  • 1 x JST SH 1.0 6pin Cable

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