Slim Duct Cinewhoop 3D Print Kit - Choose Color

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Color: Red
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Our 3D prints are designed and printed by Noozle3d, if you want custom colors of our prints you can contact them directly.

Give your Cinewhoop a fresh look with our new 3D print upgrade kit. Available in multiple colors, the Upgrade kit includes:

  • New low profile ducts
  • New rugged camera mount
  • Air Unit mount
  • Antenna mount
  • Bolt on GoPro mount

The new ducts in this kit are now low profile. While losing a slight amount of thrust due to not having a full duct, what you gain is better aerodynamics and 25g of weight savings.

We've also upgraded the camera mount to be more durable and easier to install.

Prints done by Noozle3D

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