Vannystyle 5" Frame & Motor Bundle


Motor Type: Direct Solder
Motor KV: Vanover V2 1860KV

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Bundle and save! The Vannystyle 5" Frame Bundle includes a discounted set of Vanover V2 motors and Vannystyle 5136 Props! Choose your KV and Direct Solder or Solder-Free!

Vanover's new 5" freestyle frame the Vannystyle is finally here! We decided that a little celebration is in order. Now you can get the Vannystyle frame, a set of Vanover's own motors, and 2 sets of his props all in one! Just add a stack, and the video system and receiver of your choice and you are ready to take to the skies just like the man himself!


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Customer Reviews

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christopher thorneycroft
Good quality but lacking

The carbon looks to be great quality, the cuts are nice, the motors are nice, but the frame comes with no battery pad and no strap, for the money i think that it really should come with some ummagrip and a battery strap, perhaps if you used less plastic in your packaging then you might be able to afford to add the essentials to the frame kit. Also im annoyed that you only have the 3d prints for sale and i cant download the stl files and i had to design and make my own skids, also the way the camera mounts in the vannystyle is not exactly ideal so i designed and printed a camera mount from tpu that is less than ideal, because their is no slot for mounting a camera just a little hole in thin carbon so you cant even extend the hole, it might be ok if your using whatever the exact camera is that it was designed around but it doesnt say what that is in the listing, and none of the cameras i have actually work with this frame without making a custom mount. if i didnt have a 3d printer and the ability to design some basic shitty parts that should be included in a $80usd frame kit, or atleast make it clear that i need to purchace the basics while shopping, nowhere in the frame and motor bundle does it say you need to add a strap and battery pad, it just says add a stack and vtx, so if you dont have your own 3d printer i would purchace a different frame from a different supplier. After buying $30-40 frames that include these things i kinda just figured when paying double that it would probably also include these things but no, your left scrambling. lest hope the flight performance is worth the pain

Hello Chistopher,

I am sorry to hear your frame didn't come with the strap, it should have. I already created an order that will ship the missing strap and sent you an email from support about the shipment. If you have any further questions you can reach out to us at


The motors are great, but you could tell the frame was cut with a dull or bad bit None of the carbon fit tight like it should. With all bolts tight, there is still a little bit of wiggle in the arms.


Flies like a champ

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