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The rates that Alex Vanover uses for top level drone racing, impressive freestyle, and beautiful cinematic flying. Try these rates and Vanny Roll yourself to greatness!

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Lemuel Curry
Are these your kiss rates?

I know you’ve recently started flying kiss so I’m curious if these are your old rates on betaflight or if you actually use these rates on kiss.
Best Regards!

Made me a beast

Very good


I tried these rates after seeing your discussion about rates with Bardwell. I am pretty new and have only been on the simulator for 8 hours. But that helped me nowhere near as much as simply trying these rates. I am blown away by how much I am in control and how precise and relaxed I can now suddenly fly. Before it was a dreadful nervous twitchy mess. Before I was struggling to do anything, now mostly everything just works. I can now follow the racelines with ease, instead of randomly flailing about. I can fly slow and controlled whereas before I couldn't.

Patrick |
That's SLOOOOW!!

OK, I didn't expect this - that is very slow on max stick.
Nice to know - I'll give it a try!

VRMan3D / Fred Cass
Alex, could you please update these?

Hey Alex! I was wondering if you could once in a while update this page (or ask someone to) with your current rates. Reason being that when I watch your videos, I'm wondering what you're using when it was made. I got a lot out of your video with Joshua Bardwell last year on the RR channel where you described your very low rates (450,280,180) with big differences between the axis, and you've said how you go through phases where you switch it all up.
I'm trying to improve my track times and also I've never really nailed down what I like for freestyle.
Thanks man!

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