TANQ DJI O3 Conversion Kit - Choose Version


Antenna Type: Standard Antenna

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Easily convert your TANQ to support the DJI O3 Air Unit!

These camera mounts position the O3 camera so that the camera cage is not visible in the FPV feed or onboard recording.

*NOTE* Props are still visible when using these camera mounts.


Customer Reviews

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mark banas

Things were a little too tight not enough room. Had a hard time with my 03 unit the bracket you guys sell doesn’t give me enough room to put my antenna in the back but I’m figuring it out.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the feedback i will make sure i go in the back and look further into the issue, i am also going to bring this to Let'sFlyRC's attention to see if there is not something he can do to make this a little easier for customers to use. If you have any other questions please reach out to be at Support@RotorRiot.com and i will be happy to help out.

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