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X-Air 5.8 MKII & Stubby Antenna Set for Dominator HD Goggles
X-Air 5.8 MKII LHCP Antenna - Choose Version
Avatar HD VTX Antenna 2 Pack
Walksnail Avatar HD VTX Antenna 2 Pack
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D-Pole 5.8GHz U.FL Antenna - Linear
Matchstick 5.8GHz LHCP Carbon Antenna - Choose Version
Redbird Antenna 2 Pack for Dominator HD & Walksnail Goggles
5.8GHz U.FL Dipole Whip Antenna - Linear
Avatar HD V2 Antenna
Walksnail Avatar HD V2 Antenna
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Core 5.8 LHCP Antenna with U.FL Connector
X²-Air 5.8 MK II Antenna Pair for Dominator HD Goggles
X²-Air 5.8 MKII & Core 5.8 Antenna Combo for Dominator HD Goggles
Patch Antenna V2 For Avatar HD Goggles X
Avatar Mini 1S Lite Antenna
Walksnail Avatar Mini 1S Lite Antenna
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