DJI O3 HD 5" Starter Kit - 6S

3-5 Day Lead Time Batteries Sold Separately

Drone: TANQ 2 6S
Radio: DJI RC2


*Batteries not included. Purchase batteries separately

Recommended Batteries:
Drone Battery - Fuel Cell 1300mah 6S
Radio Battery -


Solder-Free: Everything is 100% plug-n-play, the MR30 Quick Connection System makes assembly a breeze and removes the need for most soldering! Check out our other solder-free options.

Now available in a 4S or 6S option!

Getting started in FPV can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. With our starter kit, you can take the guesswork out of getting your first setup. Coming complete with a fully built drone, goggles, a controller, batteries, a charger, and some tools, you can rest easy knowing you need only plug in and get to flying!

The DJI O3 starter kits all come with either O3 Air unit as receiver when you select the DJI Remote Controller 2 or ELRS receiver when you select another radio.

If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet drone haven’t flown yet

chris johnson
It’s a great starter kit

This is a great kit to buy if you’re just getting started into Fpv. I’ve never flown a Fpv drone before and to be honest this drone is so easy to fly. I don’t really have many hrs in a drone simulator only flown a DJI mini 3 pro.Only thing I will say is the 6s battery’s have so much power that I would pick up a few 4s batteries to practice with.

Max Shuck
It's really good if you're a beginner

So I bought this drone so that I could have everything that works together and everything that comes together and so I can have a solder-free drone and this drone delivered that. If you're a beginner and you want to get into fpv I definitely recommend doing this. You don't really need the DJI controller. I would recommend the TX 12 or the Zorro. That's just my personal opinion. At the time I had a tx16s so I just use that. But one thing that is kind of a bummer is that they Don't have an option to just buy the solder free ESC because I flew mine and I crashed it in the ESC broke and I need a new one but I can't get a new one unless I get the whole stack but I emailed them and I don't know if you can get it so we'll see

I 0 dizim
Tanq2 o3 = glass tank

I may be a little rusty. And I may have been in rougher terrain then I am used to. I would blame my ignorance on the confidence in disability with this tough looking drone. But I did notice before flight that the O3 camera module was a little exposed. I contemplated printing something to offer a little better protection, but I didn't. Took a spill and possibly due to the inward props ended up with a cracked O3 camera module. If rotor riot would've suggested filters (learned of after the mishap) I hopefully would have bought those... And then I don't think anything would stop the tanq2 other then a wall, or the battery running out. Since I am already down, and I bought this one to stay in the air. I have to say middle of the road here. Maybe once I get some more time with it maybe I'll be happier. Also the goggles 2 are horrible out of the box apparently if you don't have a flat or fat head. You will probably need a after market mask or plastic surgery to make those work for you. Good luck!

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