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Introducing the Rotor Riot FPV Backpack V2, expertly designed by Let's Fly RC, the ultimate gear companion for FPV enthusiasts. This backpack combines top-notch functionality, exceptional protection, and convenient organization to ensure you're always prepared for high-flying adventures. Get ready to soar to new heights with the Rotor Riot Backpack.

The V2 iteration of our FPV backpack has been refined based on valuable community feedback. Our latest enhancements address key suggestions:

Additional Quick-Access Pocket: Seamlessly integrate your new Lipo bag 2 with an improved quick-access pocket.

Optimized Drone Storage: Your feedback led to the evolution of the front zipper pouch, now opening to the side for effortless bag placement without the need to remove your drones.

Upgraded Bungee Toggle: We've swapped out the standard bungee toggle with an enhanced version that stays securely in place, ensuring your drones stay snugly attached to the bag at all times. Travel with confidence and keep your gear securely fastened with our improved bungee toggle!

Ultimate Laptop Protection: Responding to your concerns, we've redesigned the laptop pouch to zip closed entirely, with added padding for comprehensive protection

The V2 backpack is a result of community collaboration, with every improvement shaped by the shared wisdom of our users. Enhance your FPV experience – personalize your gear, your way. Ready for the next step in drone gear management?


  • EVA Compression Molded Transmitter Bay with Adjustable Secure-Lock Dividers: Safely store and transport your transmitter with customizable dividers for a secure and snug fit.
  • Quick Access Side Compartment for Goggles or DSLR: Easily reach your goggles or DSLR camera whenever you need them, ensuring you never miss a moment.
  • Quick Access Side Compartment for Batteries, making rip-n-dips even easier.
  • Leather Bottom with Grippy Rubber Protective Feet: The backpack's durable leather bottom and grippy rubber feet offer maximum protection against rough surfaces and accidental spills.
  • Rear Loading Main Access Door: Keep your shoulder straps clean and out of the mud while accessing your gear, even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Strong Fixed Position Center Divider and Customizable Secure-Lock Velcro Dividers: Organize your drone, batteries, propellers, and other accessories effortlessly with a dedicated compartment system.


  • Dimensions: 21x13x10"
  • Weight: 6.6lbs


  • 1x Rotor Riot Backpack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Josef Dahari
100% my daily bag

I switched over from a different bag but honestly it's made my life a lot easier. I use these bags for everything now. Absolutely built quality and I mean it. I have everything I need plus more

Henry Synnevåg

Rotor Riot FPV Backpack V2

Remigiusz Ostafin
Back Pack

This is my second review after shipping delays caused weather conditions.
The back pack is great I own 4 FPV backpacks and this one is the best
Very well made overall great quality worth every penny!!!
Thank you

Philip G
Great quality

This bag was so well thought out, it really shows. For instance, the EVA lipo case has handles so it can be pulled out from the main stay for the day zipper or the rip and dip access. Zippers are smooth and have no issues being yanked hard. Velcro on the inside is insanely strong and high quality made separators.


Absolutely love this backpack.

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