Fat Shark HD 3" Starter Kit - 4S

3-5 Day Lead Time Batteries Sold SeparatelySave $550

Goggles: Fat Shark Dominator HD
Drone: 3" Ducted Skylite
Radio: TX12 ELRS
$838 $1,388


*Batteries not included. Purchase batteries separately*

Recommended Goggle Battery - Fuel Cell 1500mah 4S
Recommended Drone Battery 3.5" - Tattu 850mah 4S
Recommended Drone Battery 3" Ducted - Fuel Cell 1500mah 4S
Recommended Radio Battery -

Everything is 100% plug-n-play, the MR30 Quick Connection System makes assembly a breeze and removes the need for most soldering! Check out our other solder-free options.

Getting started in FPV can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. With our starter kit, you can take the guesswork out of getting your first setup. Coming complete with a fully built drone, goggles, a controller, batteries, a charger, and some tools, you can rest easy knowing you need only plug in and get to flying!

The Fat Shark starter kits all come with the ELRS receiver system to make sure that you can easily add more drones to your arsenal later with minimal effort, and even experience long-range flight!

If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

Bundle Includes

Recommended Accessories

Built & Tuned Disclaimers

Remote ID

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicolas Therrien

Still waiting to get refund as i didn't took the order


So good! For the money, you get it all!!
Best learn on the simulator first before you put $600 up in the sky…. But man is thing a blast to fly. Love the Boxer controller. The drone is built well and rips. Can’t wait to see what it does w/o ducts!
Get it. You’ll be happy!!


Great setup even more fun with the ducks off. The goggles are amazing. The video quality is fantastic. No regrets with this purchase.

My First Drone

This is my first and currently only FPV drone. I purchased it out of necessity and I'm super happy with it. Now, while I do like the concept of "no solder" I don't think any of my future purchases will include this since I have already had to solder this drone to fix it... Long story short, several cables ripped out of the connector for the back left motor. I have the skill and know how to fix this so I did but anyone purchasing this model drone and has this issue will need to buy a new motor if they don't WANT to fix it themselves. When I got it, it came with batteries but this is still a purchase for any aspiring drone pilot.

Jason Puckett
Fat shark 3-in HD starter kit

Love it!!! Checked off all the boxes, Power, range, clarity, works as advertised.

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