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Color: White
Size: M3

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The Grand Master by Thumb Grippies is a tall stick-end that is well suited for pilots who use hybrid or pinch grips, as well as thumbers who want taller sticks for the increased resolution they provide.

Choose between black and white colors, as well as M3 and M4 threading.


  • 2x Grand Masters V2

Customer Reviews

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Great sticks ends. Only minus is set screw do not work. Believe should be reversed tread.

Kerry McAllister
Awesome service but…

Hello, of my purchase of 3 packs of these stick ends, of which I’ve bought before, 2 have broken. I put one on the elevator/aileron stick (right stick). I hadn’t used the radio, and several days later noticed the stick had broken just above the base. So, I took another end, and attached it. Seemed okay, until I checked it later in the evening. It too had broke, same spot. I put another one on, this time
tightened just enough to keep the stick from moving. Too cold up here in Canada to actually fly yet! I have 6 other of these stick ends, never had an issue. So Ive always been careful how tight I put on the nut, then the actual stick end itself.
Out of 6 stick ends from this order, 2 are broke. You don’t need to post this, I’ve been busy, and took this opportunity to contact you and advise what’s happened! If you have any advise on why this is happening, let me know. It certainly won’t prevent me from ordering some more from you again!

Kenny Kobi
Thumb Grippies Grandmaster v2

These are awesome for somebody that is a hybrid Pincher. I was using the stock ones for the DJI controller even though I was used to them and did enjoy them, these fit perfectly. Its a very natural feel and helps with my yaw/roll axis. I personally liked the v1 with the wider bottoms. It was easier to rest my middle finger on. I used it as guide almost so I would have better control.

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