Cinewhoop Ducts Kapper Edition


Color: black

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Our 3D prints are designed and printed by Noozle3d, if you want custom colors of our prints you can contact them directly.

3D printed part made of a rubber-like material for long-lasting product life. It is the material of choice of Pro Pilots.

Designed by Chad Kapper, this duct design is oriented for improved longevity. His design removes the need for standoffs and has a stronger lip on the duct. This makes them less likely to compress and makes your props last longer.

Included Parts:

  • Two Kapper Cinewhoop Ducts


  • 3D printed TPU

This product is made to fit the Cinewhoop or Shendrones Squirt frame.

We made the files available for you to download and print yourself...

76mm Version [DOWNLOAD]

78mm Version [DOWNLOAD]

Note: Most 3D printers won't need support if you print them upside down. Both sides are identical, just print this file x 2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A must if getting a Cinewhoop

Way better than stock. If you’re getting a Cinewhoop just get these with it.

Bernie Kozan
Way better than stock

I love these they do a great job protecting your props. Go a head try that super tight gap! It’s ok if you don’t make you drone and it’s props will be fine!

Only complaint is I wish they other colours. I would love them in white!

Great product

jim diorio
flys better

better prop clearance.

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