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Our new Rotor Riot branded goggle strap is compatible with both DJI and Fat Shark FPV goggles. Featuring wide stretchy material with plenty of size adjustment range, a battery slot lined with anti-slip textured rubber, and slim snaps able to pass through the eyelets of DJI and FatShark goggles. 


Customer Reviews

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John Hickey
To big

The strap clip was too big

Chad Stinar
Didn't work for me

I bought this in the hopes I could use it on my Skyzone Cobra X, but the snap closure won't fit through the slot on the goggle housing. Not the fault of this product, I guess. I'm sure it works well on other goggles. I'm saving it for when I upgrade.

Nice strap but not for DJI Goggles 2

It will not work with DJI Goggles 2. The snap closure prevents it from fitting through the side clasps without modification. We'll see how much messing around I try and if there's any reasonable modification to make it work.

I don't use it

The elastic Loop where you put in your battery is way too big the battery just doesn't even fit in there it just falls out. That's the only reason why I bought it for was to have a place to keep my battery and it doesn't even do that went back to the original DJI straps with the velcro sucks on the DJI fpv system

Love the head strap!

I've been loving the head strap, much easier to use than the one included with the dji fpv and super comfy. The only thing is the battery slot doesn't fit the DJI headset batteries. I'm sure it works with other batteries and its no huge deal but something to keep in mind. Keep up the good work RR!

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