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Version: Hero 5/6/7 25°

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Our 3D prints are designed and printed by Noozle3d, if you want custom colors of our prints you can contact them directly.

What's the point of flying if you don't get the footage? Make sure you never miss a shot by adding a GoPro mount to your drone. This mount fits the Skylite, as well as the Skyliner MK3 frames.


  • 1x SkyLite / Skyliner MK3 GoPro Mount

Customer Reviews

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not a good print. (hero 8 25)

I own a 3d printer and consider myself an avid machinist, having graduated collage for CNC operating. this is just a plain bad print, it has clearly drooping overhands and stringing absolutely everywhere... it was printed without supports, and many of the surfaces that were printed over thin air look absolutely terrible. it also seems the nozzle is worn out or set incorrectly because lines are too far apart and have really bad connection, especially in the actual mounting holes, which look like bundled spaghettis. due to the poor printing quality I don't even trust putting my gopro in this thing. >:/
the gopro also doesn't fit into the mount... I didn't try fitting the gopro into the mount until after i wrote the rest of this.

EDIT: the mount was refunded fully, however my review will remain untouched for posterity.

Hello Cristopher,

I have sent you an email through support and refunded you for the mount. If you have any other questions or issues in the future you can reach out to us directly at

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