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Caleb Wright, aka Bubby FPV, is a top-tier freestyle pilot known for flow-style flying. He is not only smooth in the air, but he also takes risks and is not afraid to crash hard when working on a line of gaps and tricks. Bubby designed his premier signature frame to meet both of his high standards for flight performance and crash durability. He spent this past summer in Orlando at the Rotor Riot headquarters working on the CAD and testing prototype revisions. Over the past few months, he has put the final design through its paces, ripping bandos and office parks, and crashing into everything along the way. And today, the Moxy airframe by Bubby FPV is ready to shred.

Now includes new camera plates, DJI O3 Camera Mounts and Antenna Mounts!

These camera mounts position the O3 camera so that the side camera plates are not visible in the FPV feed or onboard recording.

*NOTE* Props are still visible when using these camera mounts.

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  • Camera plates integrated into GoPro mount for durability
  • Wide arms for max durability and easy tuning
  • Full FPV camera protection
  • No props in view of the GoPro
  • Designed to fit the DJI air unit
  • 25x25 and 20x20 rear mounting holes for O3 Air Unit & Vista
  • Large forward-facing motor protection bumpers


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"I built the Moxy to be smooth, flowy, and fast. It's built to last!"
~ Bubby FPV

Watch Bubby's latest vlog to see the Moxy withstand some epic crashes at Hell's Gate in New York!

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