1S 450mAh 75C LiHV Battery with BT2.0 Connector (5pcs)



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The Tattu 450mAh 3.8V 75C 1S1P Lipo Battery Pack with BT 2.0 plug is the best battery choice for your micro quads. This lipo comes with a 75C discharge rate, plenty of power, and makes indoor racing a lot more fun!


  • Minimum Capacity: 450mAh
  • Configuration: 1S1P / 3.8V
  • Discharge Rate: 75C
  • Connector: BETAFPV BT2.0
  • Dimensions: 61x15x7.5mm
  • Weight(±5g): 12g


  • 5x 1S 450mAh 75C LiHV Battery with BT2.0 Connector

Customer Reviews

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fadil limani


Gerard McAllister
What are they?

The title of these 1s batteries say HV but nowhere on the physical battery or package say HV. The package says do not charge over 4.20. So who knows? I’ve charged them to both 4.2 and 4.35 lol and they consistently run below average. Would not buy again

Hello Gerard,

These batteries are HV the writing on the back of the packaging is an error from Tattu has the correct information on their website. It is rare to find any 1s battery designed for drones that is not HV due to voltage sag on standard voltages. If you have any other questions you can reach out to us at Support@rotorriot.com


I don’t know if these are the best or not because they’re my first 1S batteries I’ve tried. They are recommended for the VISION 40.
They only go about 60 seconds before getting to about 3.5v and the. I gotta cruise if I want another 30 seconds. Maybe it’s the whoop. Or perhaps I need to find a larger battery for longer flights. Especially if I want to push power moves.

Not bad

Batteries are fine. 75c discharge rate, they work in my 75mm whoop no problem. What gets me is there was literally zero goodies in the box. A dumb complaint but for real, not even a Rotor Riot sticker? Dang guys that’s crazy. Need to step your game up - all the big players are doing it and it honestly creates loyal customers who not only come back to spend more money but also represent your brand within their community. It also instills a sense of comraderie between the retailer and the customer. Just opening the box, seeing the product and a packing receipt just seems so cold nowadays. Just my $.02. Take care

Anthony Gladieux

1S 450mAh 75C LiHV Battery with BT2.0 Connector (5pcs)

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