6S Motor & Battery Bundle - Choose Version

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Battery Size: 1300mAH
Motor Choice: Hypetrain Bubby 2205 2004KV Motor
$174 $194

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All batteries must be shipped via UPS GROUND shipping method.

Are you building a new drone or upgrading an older one? Well, we have the perfect bundle to help you out. Get a set of the motors you love with the right battery to power them! Choose your perfect motor and get flying in no time!

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Zach King
Save $2 Bundle!

If you buy the same parts separately it's $2 more, so if you don't need the batteries just buy the motors!

Good motors not good batteries

The motors are good. One showed up not working but luckily I had an extra. They are very smooth and powerful and the construction is very nice. They look great.

The batteries are gigantic. I purchased the 1300mAH but they are still huge. They are so big that they almost get hit by the props on my TANQ frame. Also, the cell resistance is all over the place. One of the batteries has cell internal resistance as high as 21 mohms and as low as 1.1mohms. I would expect this from an older battery or a pack that had been crashed but this was on the brand new pack.

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