Hypetrain BB's 0802 29700KV Motor 4-Pack Candy Box


Bundle Option: 4-Pack Powerloop Plum

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The perfect 1S motor for nano freestyle builds and a great match for the Bubito frame, the BB motors are designed with everything you need in mind. Weight, power, stability, and above all else, style. The BB motors come in 5 amazing colors, Powerloop Plum, Look-Back Lime, BandoBerry Blue, Pineapple Dive, and Strawberry Skids.

Get a mixed set for the true BubbyFPV experience, or get a set of all one color. We also sell single BB motors.


  • Kv: 29700
  • Input Voltage: 1S LiPo
  • Motor Dimensions: 11x13mm
  • Stator Dimensions: 0802
  • Shaft Diameter: 1mm
  • Mounting Pattern: 6.6mm
  • Internal Resistance: 90mΩ
  • Max Continuous Current: 7.3A
  • Wire Dimensions: JST-1.25 45mm
  • Weight: 2g


  • 4x Hypetrain BB's 0802 29700kv Motors
  • 4x Screw Set
  • 4x BB Stickers
  • 1x Metal Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I have not broken a motor yet, always need spares. The Bubito is super fun to fly indoors, and did not lose connection between 3 levels. Awesome!

Marcus Pickering
Favorite 1s Motors

First off, I bought these motors just for the colorway and to show some support for Bubby. Then they sat around because I didn't think I could ever rip 1s--- the builds always felt slow and heavy. THEN.... I built the 1s whoop with these motor and it SHREDS!!! It completely freestyles--- Mattys on demand--- zero propwash or wobbles---- works with 65mm and 75mm.

Chris webb
Bb's 0802 29700kv

They look great havnt used them yet


Havent used them yet but im sure they rock cant wait to see waiting on FC to come back in stock so i ca rebuild my firefly baby nano 1s they have 0802 16500 kv and it was pretty fast cant wait to see these 29700 kv in ACTION 💪💯💪

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