Bubito Pro-Spec DIY Build Kit - by BubbyFPV

Motor Color: Powerloop Plum


BubbyFPV designed this micro-class drone as one of the smallest drones on the market. The Bubito is the ultimate indoor ripper, perfect for practicing freestyle in tight indoor spaces.

Built and Tuned Drone Available Here.


  • Durable Lightweight Frame Design
  • High Power 0802 25000 KV Motors
  • 50 MW VTX
  • Powered Off 1s 300 MAH Lipo
  • BT 2.0 Connector
  • Spins 35 mm Props
  • Flight time - 2.5 Mins
  • AUW - 33g

Build Includes

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Cian V
    Great indoor ripper

    Great indoor ripper but MAKE SURE YOU BUY A separate reciever because the inthernal receiver in the aio doesn’t work. All the reviews of the aio are 1 star but it’s a great aio as long as you buy a separate receiver. Overall it’s a great first drone and if you want to get into fpv it’s a perfect option

    B L

    Great little quad. AIO pads are small; I struggled with battery leads using a b2 ts101 tip so I ordered an I tip which was perfect.

    Would recommend watching Bubby's build video, I did not and installed board upside down. I flashed BF 4.4, got it tuned, and it's a ripper.

    Bubito DIY build kit!

    AWESOME little quad!! Definitely one of my top favorites out of the rest! Kit is everything you expect and then some! If you’re looking for something to rip around your house while you relax in bed the BUBITO is what you’ll want!!!

    George Miller
    Great fun in a small package

    I built this and flew it as soon as it was announced. This tiny drone flies amazingly well and I had a blast yesterday zipping around my back yard. A word of caution- DON'T upgrade the firmware on the AOI esc/fc...it won't work with BF 4.3 (I "upgraded" and the rx and vtx were wonky...completely fine after reversion to 4.2)....I had to revert to 4.2.11 (I think is the last 4.2 version) and the company supplied me with CLI file.
    I'd really like to have an HD version...looking at possibly using the HDZero whoop board, but I think it's a little tight even for that. Perhaps there will be a Dominator whoop board that can be incorporated :)

    Skippy FPc
    Best flying micro quad ever !

    This is a little l beast, I’ve crashed it a ton and no issues with the carbon or electronics. Fly’s like a baby 5in.

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