CL2-XR 7" Deadcat Frame



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The CL2 is now available in a 7" deadcat configuration perfect for long flight times and filming without props in view.

The CL1 was a community lead frame that allowed pilots of all backgrounds come together and share in a fairly priced, full featured frame. Well as the FPV world advances, so does this frame. Now we have the CL2, ready to handle all of your 5", and now 7" needs!


  • Compatible with the Fatshark Dominator HD system
  • Compatible with DJI HD systems
  • Compatible with analog video systems
  • 30x30 and 20x20 stack mounting
  • 20x20 and 25x25 mounting in the rear
  • Comes with all the screws we think you'll need, from cameras to stacks


  • Wheelbase: 288mm
  • Frame Style: Deadcat
  • Main Plate Thickness: 3mm
  • Top Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Arm Thickness: 8mm
  • Stack Size: 30x30mm / 20x20mm
  • Rear Mounting: 20x20mm / 25x25mm
  • Stack Height: 25mm
  • Motor Mount: Φ16-19mm
  • Camera Mount: Supports all FPV camera sizes
  • Weight: 210g


  • 1x Main Plate
  • 1x Top Plate
  • 1x Arm Brace
  • 4x Arms
  • 1x Hardware Set
    • 8x 25mm M3 Standoffs
    • 32x 9mm M3 Screws
    • 8x 12mm M3 Screws
    • 4x 25mm M3 Screws
    • 8x M3 Press Nuts (Installed in frame)
    • 4x 7mm M2 Screws
    • 4x 18mm M2 Screws
    • 8x M2 Nuts
    • 16x 12mm M3 Steel Button Head Screws
    • 8x M3x14mm Steel Button Head Screws
  • 1x 3D Printed Camera Mount Set
  • 4x Kwad Skids
  • 1x Battery pad
  • 1x 250mm Battery Strap
  • Does not include video or receiver antenna mounts

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