Moxy 5" Pro-Spec Built & Tuned Drone - 4S - by BubbyFPV

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Video System: Avatar V2 Micro
Receiver: Frsky


For the Moxy Pro-Spec build we've used all the components that Bubby uses on his quads. From the frame, to the motors and stack, it's all Bubby branded and endorsed products!

Bubby FPV designed his premier signature frame to meet both his high standards for flight performance and crash durability.

Bubby spent his last summer in Orlando at the Rotor Riot headquarters working on the CAD and testing prototype revisions. Over the past few months he has put the final design through its paces, ripping bandos and office parks, and crashing into everything along the way. And today, the Moxy airframe by Bubby FPV is ready to shred!


  • Camera plates integrated into GoPro mount for durable GoPro mounts
  • Wide arms for Max durability and easy to tune
  • Full FPV camera protection
  • No props in view of the GoPro
  • Large forward-facing motor protection bumpers

Builds Includes

*GoPro mount sold separately*

Recommended Accessories

*Caleb Wright, aka Bubby FPV, is a top-tier freestyle pilot known for flow style flying. He is not only smooth in the air, but he also takes risks and is not afraid to crash hard when working on a line of gaps and tricks. Check out his full collection here.

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Customer Reviews

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Jose Hernandez
I didn't expect to spend 10 hours trying to get OSD to work....

I received my drone on 2/8/24 and bound it to my DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 no problems cause all I had to do was press a tiny button on the air unit and voila, goggles and controller were bound!

I went to go fly it on 2/10/24 and had 1 issue. I couldn't see my battery voltage at all?

I flew until the battery fully died (the poor 4s battery dropped to 9.0v :( ) however this was because no data was being sent to the goggles.

I go home and try to figure out why that is and oh my god you have no idea the amount of rabbit holes I was going through to figure out this problem. After a good chunk of hours and trial and error, I found multiple posts saying that the OSD wasn't showing up due to 2 things. Using commands in betaflight and the wiring from the airunit to controller. Some people said that instead of wiring RX -> TX and TX -> RX, it should be RX -> RX and TX->TX.

After breaking my head all day, I finally said screw it and got a soldering kit. I had to unsolder the white and grey wires (from the dji o3 air unit to the flight controller) and basically flip them around. After doing that, I was FINALLY ABLE TO SEE MY OSD FROM BETAFLIGHT!

I am giving 3 stars not due to performance but its because of the fact that I shouldn't have had to go through such extremes to fix a problem that literally required me to take apart the drone and mess with the circuit board! I bought this drone to BNF and not have to worry about all of that mess but like I guess this forces me to learn incase I do happen to crash lol. Fine I'll give it 4 stars for forcing me to not be a baby but SHEESH I WISH IT WORKED THE FIRST TIME!

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