Rotor Riot Tough Battery Strap (2pack)



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Our new, official Rotor Riot Tough battery straps with nonslip silicone backing, kevlar stitching, and a custom etched metal buckle.

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John Dawson
Decent strap

I thought I read that there was some type of stickiness infused somehow but I guess I read wrong. So there is nothing to grab your battery but the leather is nice

J Rock
Look good. Work great!

They do the job and the design looks nice!
Perfect size for 4 or 6s 1550mAh packs on your typical 5 inch quad. Too long for Skylite when I use 850mAh pack. Gotta really tuck the end out of the way!

Alexandre Bertrand
Frais de douanes

Qualité du produit excellente, mais comme je suis au Canada, j’ai toujours des frais de douanes astronomiques ! Pour cette raison je ne commanderai plus chez vous! 50$ de frais pour une commande de 100$ ça ne fais aucun sens !

TJ Hyzer
Great strap! Tough and nice looking.

Fits very well on my 5” . These straps are a little to long for 4s but I will be moving to 6s soon anyways. Love them.

Broke 5+ Straps

There are other straps that RotorRiot sells that are decent. These have broken in every minor crash I've been in. The smooth leather like material instantly cracks. Thankfully the stitching stays intact so you do not lose anything but it renders it useless. Go with another option.

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