F411 1S 25x25 AIO Flight Controller with 6A Bluejay ESC, 50mW VTX and ELRS



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  • A true All-In-One solution for 1S whoop and toothpick builds. Featuring Bluejay firmware running on the ESCs, a 50mW VTX, and integrated ELRS receiver! 


    • F411 chip is used with high-performance computing speed, making it smoother during flight.
    • 50mW Smart Audio VTX 
    • ELRS Receiver with integrated antenna 
    • 16MB Blackbox


    • MCU: STM32F411
    • IMU: BMI270
    • Firmware target: STM32F411
    • OSD: Betaflight OSD w/ AT7456Ev
    • UART Ports:  R2 T2
    • USB: Micro USB
    • BEC output: 5V@1A
    • Continuous current: 6A
    • Input: 1S
    • Supports: Bluejay
    • Size: 29.5x29.5mm Board
    • Installing Hole: 25.5x25.5mm, M2
    • Weight: 6.7g


      • 1x F411 1S AIO Flight Controller with 6A Bluejay ESC, 50mW VTX and ELRS
      • 1x PH2.0 Pigtail
      • 1x BT2.0 Pigtial
      • 1x VTX Antenna
      • 6x Vibration Dampener Gummies

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    actual trash.

    this board has been nothing but problems. it cannot connect to ELRS, I've tried different controllers I've attempted to flash it, entered bind phrase manually, manually activated bind mode via CLI, bind via receive tab in betaflight, I've attempted to update it and it doesn't update, I tried several firmware, several targets, and all sorts of methods. don't make the same mistake as me.

    Hello Cristopher,

    All new Radiomaster Radios are coming with ELRS 3.0.0 already loaded onto them. The Bubito was tuned on the 4.3.1 firmware and we do not have a 4.4 tune, if i had one i would send it to you then you would be able to bind to built in SPI reciever. The other option is to go with 4.4 and tune it yourself or downgrade the ELRS internal module on the radio.

    Bad FC. Gets hot

    My FC I was sent immediately drains the battery and one of the IC's gets hot. This was before i connected or soldered anything. Additionally the lack of documentation is horrible. Even t-motors website has no documentation for this FC. The rotorriot website has a wiring diagram drawn in MS-paint and nothing else. It also doe not go inot a wifi binding failsafe after 60 seconds like most ESCs, but that may be because mine is bad.

    Hello Austin,

    This sounds like a defective ESC, i have responded to your support tickets and we are replacing this AIO for you.

    Chaz Jones
    F411 S1 AIO

    I think I was sent a bad board it absolutely will not go into bind mode. I have spent countless hours now trying to get it to connect to a controller and nothing will work. I am very unhappy with it and I think I will be returning my whole order I almost think I'm done with FPV for good.

    bill mathew
    F411 1S 25x25 AIO

    the flight controller did'nt work, i had the vtx antena pluged in and every thing, i may have just received a faulty product.

    essa almansouri
    The aio isnt working

    I think i have been sent a faulty aio .

    Hello Essa,

    I reached out directly to you through Support@RotorRiot.com, if it is a defective product we will send a replacement and a return label. I just need some more information about the issue at hand.

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