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If you don't own a TS101, you should! Easily the best all-around iron on the market in terms of value, performance, quality, and the ability for us pilots to use this thing on a daily basis (portability). When we use this in the field, we can fire up the iron and fix something between heats. It is that fast and that efficient. Able to be powered off of any 3-6S lipo, as well as USB PD 3.0!

Note: The Iron does not include a power supply. You will need a 2.5mm Barrel Connector to XT60 to power this with your LiPo, or a PD3.0 compatible power supply to use the included Type C cable!


  • DC + PD Power Input
  • Wider Bright OLED screen for clear and easy readability of information
  • DC9-24V Wide Voltage
  • Temperature control button is set on the handle allowing for easy temperature adjustments
  • Boost Mode
  • Compatible with TS100 Tips
  • Upgrade Setting Menu
  • Dynamic Detection
  • Multipurpose Anti-Slip Cap
  • Can be powered via a 3-6S LiPo for mobile use


  • OLED display, 128x32px
  • Optional soldering tips: TS101-BC2, TS101-B2, TS101-I
  • solder tip quick release, anti-slip handle
  • Input power ports: DC 5525 Jack and USB-C (PD3.0)
  • USB-C port can be used for connecting to the PC for firmware updates
  • Input voltage range and power: DC Jack 9-24V, up to 65W; USB-C (PD3.0) 9V-20V, maximum 45W
  • Temperature control ranges: 50-400℃ (stability +/-2%)
  • Soldering iron bit to ground resistance: <2Ω
  • Size: 98 * 16.5 * 16.5mm
  • Weight: 33g


  • 1x TS101 Controller
  • 1x USB-C Silicone Cable
  • 1x B2 Solder Tip
  • 1x Anti-Slip Cap
  • 1x Bilingual Manual in English and Chinese

Customer Reviews

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No regrets.

I am pretty new to soldering and this iron in my opinion is great. Heats up fast, temp control, tips are very easy to change; I love it. Very happy with my purchase.

Loyd OMeally
Soldering Iron

Great tool for the job of putting drones together. Had to bring out another soldering iron to solder the power leads due to the thickness of the wire, but perfect for every thing else especially small areas...

James Beck
Excellent product. Makes life easier.

Such a easy little compact device. Turns all the way up to 400 degree like it’s nothing. The pointed tip allows for precise movements of solder in tight places. All around great product.

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