Hypetrain Vanover V2 2207 1860KV Motor



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  • The Motor That Wins Races

    The Hypetrain Vanover Motor marks Hypetrain’s first race motor offering. Designed for absolute maximum racing performance, this motor is an exceptional choice for freestyle as well - taking a ton of abuse while still staying smooth.

    Developed with the direct input of Drone Racing champion Alex Vanover, the Hypetrain Vanover clocks in at 1860 KV - perfect for 6S pilots looking for a superb competition motor. Alex has already proved the performance of these motors, by taking first place at the Osijek Drone Expo 2019 in Croatia, and obtaining Fastest Lap and Fastest Qualifying 3 Lap time at the MultiGP International Open World Cup.

    With a state-of-the-art 2207.5 core, the Vanover motor has an incredible response time which allows you to fly precisely on the race track. It flies smooth, and has a very predictable throttle curve. The motor core is made with single strand, heat resistant copper windings. This optimized configuration allows advanced pilots to run a lower demag setting, which results in increased power output and efficiency with reduced risk of desync.

    With these motors on your quad, you will not only have the fastest quad on the track, but also the best looking one. If you ask Alex, the navy blue bell cuts through the air faster than any other color!

    Check out our entire motor selection, and all our Rotor Riot gear!

    • Weight: 29.5 grams (without wires)
    • KV: 1860KV
    • Stator Diameter: 22 mm
    • Stator Height: 7.5 mm
    • Propeller Shaft Size: M5
    • Wires: 120 mm 20AWG Silicone Sheath
    • Bell Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
    • Magnets: N52 Curved Magnets
    • Mounting Screw Pattern: 16×16 mm
    • Input Voltage: 4-6S
    • Bearings: ISC 4x9x4mm 940ZZdimensions-vanover.png
    • 1x Hypetrain Vanover 2207.5 1860KV Motor
    • 1x M5 Nylock Propeller Nut
    • 5x M3 x 6mm Mounting Screws
    • 5x M3 x 7mm Mounting Screws
    • 1x Sticker

Customer Reviews

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Vanover motors

Wow ive been flying for 3 years now and just did a maiden flight with these motors and i was super impressed. If you want a motor that is super torqueee, and durable then these are the one u want!!!!!

christopher thorneycroft
tough motors tons of power

these motors are great, they have held up to a ton of abuse, so far i only killed one by smacking it into a metal pole, i dont think any motor would have survived the hit. too bad i cant buy just bells on their own :(

great motor

the motor is very compact and light for what it provides, the magnets are powerful and the construction quality is great, yet to break one but they seem durable


Premium motor, good deal if you can get a build kit. Also, It's a huge advantage having Vanovers PIDs, rates and settings. I don't like to spend much time setting my quads up, this made things super easy.

Power to grow into

The power from these motors is next level, as is the smoothness. I'm usually a 2306 or 2406 size guy because I like a the throttle resolution of the wider stator, but somehow this motor balances it out. Throw on a 20-30pt throttle cap and this motor becomes so incredibly locked (probably more to do with me being able to control the power more precisely). Pair the incredible performance with a single piece bell and beefy 9mm bearing and this is the last motor you'll need for racing or freestyle. Couldn't recommend them enough.

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