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Let's Fly RC wanted one thing out of his new frame more than anything else, and that's for it to survive any and all damage. Of course, we all know nothing does that better than a tank. This new frame is made to be the most rugged you could find, and it succeeds.


  • Wheelbase: 220mm
  • Frame Style: Squished-X
  • Mid Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Top Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Arm Thickness: 8mm
  • Stack Size: 30x30mm
  • Stack Height: 20mm
  • Motor Mount: 16x16mm
  • Camera Mount: Up To 25mm
  • Dimensions: 213x175x38mm
  • Weight: 175g


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Customer Reviews

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Iain Scott
Great frame terrible screws

This frame seems great. Yet to be flown but smart, relatively simple design. Very happy. Apart from the garbage screws. The supplied longer motor screws all rounded out bar a couple. And they were only build tight deffo not locked down. It’s almost like aluminium heads! I also am now having the same with the other screws. I think your supplier is lying to you rotor riot! These are actually unusable and I now have to swap them all out. Which is sad it’s not a cheap budget frame. Supply decent screws. A 4 is generous because I really like the frame. But why these garbage screws. I’m a super experienced builder and when I swapped them for my own good ones I didn’t round a single one. And I very very rarely do. Let alone 15 in one build. Should probably be a 3 but I’m giving you benefit of the doubt that perhaps China are lying about the quality or something


Awesome frame easy to put together have not flew it yet but have no doubt it will be perfect

Mark Steward
Tanq review

I love the frame , just wish it came with the tpu 3d printed GoPro Mount and antenna mounts. Other than that like the name suggests , it’s a Tanq !!

Goggles fpv
a tough boy!

I got my frame in very quickly, im super impressed with this frame.
so far ive only gotten my motors on it. i dont want to finish the build without
the 3d printed parts, not sure if its my luck or not, but i cant seem to find any stl files for the feet, if i could find the stl files for it, ill get it in the air.
i would give this frame 4.5 stars mainly because it came with no printed parts, how ever over all i pretty much would say this seems like a 5 star frame

Tavian Garrett

Really simple. Really thicc. Only things reasonably breaking are the thinner plates, I've cracked the top, and it's fine. Very nice, customizable and easily replaceable skids, with TPU protection everywhere. My only qualms: bigger whole for battery strap and ESC leads. Easily adjusted with a file though. And maybe a v2 with countersunk screws to not get in my battery. I also had a standoff strip out but just put a longer screw in. Still 5 stars. New or experienced, one of these is probably crucial.

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