The DJI HD (Legacy) system is the most established of the HD systems. It is quite easy to use, and has the widest range of peripherals to connect to in an HD system.

Goggles and Adapters

We carry the DJI FPV Goggles V2 which are capable of connecting to the DJI HD (Legacy) video system. You need to use the DJI Assistant 2 (DJI FPV Series) to activate and update this initially, then use the DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Series) for future updates.

Video Transmitters

There are 4 video transmitters (VTX) which capable of connecting to the DJI HD (Legacy) system. The Air Unit with Wasp Camera For DJI HD Video System is based on the original designs by DJI with a new camera from Runcam. It offers onboard DVR with a microSD card, as well as diversity sending and receiving to the goggles and controller. The Link with Wasp Camera For DJI HD Video System is a smaller and lighter option with built-in 20x20 mounting holes to better attach it to your drone. The Link with Falcon Nano Camera For DJI HD Video System features the same smaller VTX, but with a nano camera. The Vista VTX with Nebula Pro Nano Camera For DJI HD Video System
 is very similar to the previous option, however it has a camera designed by Caddx. You can find firmware for all of these options using the  DJI Assistant 2 (DJI FPV Series) app.

    Instructional Videos

    • How to put the DJI FPV Goggles V2 into bind mode
    • How to put the Air Unit unit into bind mode
    • How to put the Link / Vista unit into bind mode