Hypetrain Drib V3 2306 2650KV Motor - Solder-Free



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Solder Free: Everything is 100% plug-n-play, the MR30 Quick Connection System makes assembly a breeze and removes the need for any soldering!

The third version of Le Drib’s Hypetrain motor is the most stylish and durable iteration yet, while delivering the top tier performance that it has come to be known for.

The rose-gold bell has been redesigned with uni-bell construction to make it tougher against crashes. At the same time it looks more elegant than ever with a “floating ring” feature that gives this motor a look unlike anything else.

The Le Drib V3 stays true to form with 2306 stator size and 2650kV rating. For years these specs have provided Drib with smooth power delivery for flow freestyle. This motor has low end torque and to pull out of dives and yet loves rev high and build speed.

Robust, refined, and ready to rip.

We also have a direct-solder version!


  • KV: 2650
  • Input Voltage: 4S
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Max Current: 39A
  • Idle current:1.95A
  • Internal Resistance: 35±4mΩ
  • Motor Dimensions: φ28.7
  • Stator Dimensions: 2306
  • Shaft Diameter: φ4
  • Mounting Pattern: 4xM3 16x16mm
  • Wire Dimensions: 20AWG
  • Connector: MR30
  • Weight: 36g


  • 1x Drib V3 2306 2650KV Motor Solder-Free

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Customer Service

Every time I email I receive very fast responses. Recently sent our drone in for repair, very affordable and fast turnaround.

Only 4s motors I’ve tried

For being the only 4s motors I’ve ever tried I like them! I have several spares now they’ve definitely taken a beating!

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