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Model: Hero 7

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Our 3D prints are designed and printed by Noozle3d, if you want custom colors of our prints you can contact them directly.

The GoPro Hero Ballast is a 3D Printed, weighted replica of the GoPro Hero camera available in Hero 7, 8, and 9 models.

Why would anyone want that? Primarily for tuning and practicing purposes. GoPros are expensive, so you may not want to have one on your drone while you're doing tuning flights, testing new gear, or just doing practice flights you don't intend to share.

What the ballast does is simulate the exact weight of the GoPro so that the drone will fly and feel the same whether you're flying with the ballast or an actual GoPro camera.

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Very well made and the exact weight of my GoPro 8, so I can practice flying and get good, before I put my real camera on! Top quality customer service to boot!

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