Q4AC 100W 5A Quad Channel 2-4S Smart Charger



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ToolkitRC's new AC/DC 4-channel charger operates on an internal 100W AC power supply or up to 200W on DC power! Other features include a bright 3.5" color display with a wide viewing angle, a metal scroll wheel, and the solid ToolkitRC build quality you expect!


  • AC or DC input
  • Up to 4 channels
  • Wide view screen
  • 32bit processor
  • Multiple language support


  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V@MAX1.5A, DC10-18V@MAX20A
  • Supported Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion@1-4S, NiMh @1-10S, Pb @1-8S
  • Balance Current: 240mA @2-4S
  • Balance Accuracy: < 0.005V
  • Charge Power: 0.1-5A@50W*4 DC IN, 0.1-5A@50W*2 AC IN, 0.1-5A@25W*4 AC IN
  • Discharge Power: 0.1-2A@5W*4
  • Voltage Range: 0.2V-5.0V @1-4S
  • Internal Resistance: 1-100mR @1-4S
  • MicroUSB: Upgrade@USB2.0
  • Dimensions: 150x112x36.5mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Display: IPS 3.5 480x320 pixels


  • 1x Q4AC 100W 5A Quad Channel 2-4S Smart Charger
  • 1x AC Power Cable

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