Reaper AIO V4 F745 25x25 Flight Controller with 8Bit 35A ESC



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  • The Foxeer Reaper F745 AIO V4 is an all-in-one board with an F7 flight controller and 35A ESC flashed with Bluejay firmware, featuring a MPU6000 gyro, 5 UARTS, and 16M BlackBox.


    • Input Voltage: 2-6S LiPo
    • MCU: STM32F745
    • Gyro: MPU6000
    • OSD: yes
    • UARTs: 5 Sets
    • ESC Connections: yes
    • BEC: 5V 2A
    • Current Sensor: yes
    • Buzzer: yes
    • Barometer: yes
    • Black Box: 16Mb Onboard
    • Max. Continuous Current: 35A
    • Max Burst Current: 45A (10sec)
    • ESC Firmware: Bleujay (default) / BLheli_S
    • Stack Size: 25x25mm
    • Dimensions: 32.5x32.5xmm
    • Weight: 8.6g


    • 1x Reaper F745 25x25 AIO Flight Controller with 45A ESC

Customer Reviews

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lightweight powerhouse.

the solder pads are absolutely tiny, especially the battery pads, but this board had everything I think I need from a flight board. I used it for a ultra-lightweight 5-inch build, 1804.5 motors don't put much stress on the ESC with an AUW at 136 grams (205grams with battery.). it does only have 2 uart pads available to solder to, the others are part of the HD (jst) vtx connecter.

DogBowl FPV
Worth every penny

These Foxxer Reaper AIO are absolutly worth every penny! 6/5 stars easly! I have better performance out of these than i do out of full size stacks of other companys. I have 2 race 3in, a 3in freestyle, and 3.5Foxwhoop all running this board and I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE!!! I will be buying these for the forseeable future on any new builds. Do i have any complaints? The pads are small but thats more of a soldering skill thing than a problem with the equipment.

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