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Our new Rotor Riot branded goggle strap is compatible with both DJI and Fat Shark FPV goggles. Featuring wide stretchy material with plenty of size adjustment range, a battery slot lined with anti-slip textured rubber, and slim snaps able to pass through the eyelets of DJI and FatShark goggles.

Choose the right version for your goggles. Snaps for Fat Shark Dominator, DJI Goggles V1 & V2. Velcro for DJI Goggles 2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Way better than DJI's Strap - But not quite perfect...

The crappy head strap that DJI supplied will never be used again. Rotor Riot's Strap is a better fit. Goggles snug to my face. It holds them on my forehead, while I'm fiddling with my quad, and I do like having a battery holder… However, if I may offer some room for improvement: (1): I would happily pay the extra, if Rotor Riot's strap was a 1/2inch wider. That small addition of width offers more gain in comfort & stability than it may seem at first thought. (1): The battery holder: I hand-sewed it, so it will securely hold two of DJI's batteries. My modification worked out perfectly, since the way it ships is exactly twice too big to hold the battery that comes with the V2Goggles. As the battery holder is, you will fit a 4s,1500mAh quad LiPo perfectly.

Great strap!

Definitely way better than the original strap!

Thomas Myers
Terrible design

Has extra strap on right side that I don't know what's it's for, tired placing my goggles battery is to big maybe hold a banana for lunch I don't know. Then you have the adjuster that lets the strap slide through and gets losser as you place your goggles on your head, but other than that they work great 🖕

John Hickey
To big

The strap clip was too big

Chad Stinar
Didn't work for me

I bought this in the hopes I could use it on my Skyzone Cobra X, but the snap closure won't fit through the slot on the goggle housing. Not the fault of this product, I guess. I'm sure it works well on other goggles. I'm saving it for when I upgrade.

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