ShortSaver 2 Smoke Stopper



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 VIFLY ShortSaver is a different type of smoke stopper that uses an electronic fuse to completely cut off the current into your RC build if a short circuit or wiring mistake is detected. Featuring XT30 and XT60 in/out, 1 and 2 amp threshold, and a power switch for easier receiver binding! 


  • Input Voltage: 7-25V (2-6S)
  • Connector: XT30 & XT60 (Input and Output)
  • Switchable current threshold: 1A/2A
  • Trip time: 3ms (Short-Circuit) / 10ms (Over-Current)
  • Dimensions: 42x30x10mm


  • 1x ShortSaver 2 Smoke Stopper

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