SuperLighting LED Strips - Cut to Length - 4S or 6S


Input Voltage: 12v (3S-4S)
Color: Red

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Light up the sky with these SUPER bright LED strips. They're sold in 1-meter sections and are available in Red, Blue, Green, or Purple. 

*NOTE* All orders are cut to length 
Example: If you purchase 2 Green LED Strips you will receive one 2-meter section

There's a 1 in 5 chance that your strip will come pre-soldered with a wire, The preferred  DIY method is to use silicone jacketed motor wire, a dab of conformal coating, and a centimeter of heat-shrink tubing. 

3-4S Specifications

  • 3mm width
  • 1-meter length 
  • 3S-4S input voltage 

6S Specifications

  • 4mm width
  • 1-meter length
  • 6S input voltage 


  • 1x 1 Meter LED Strip

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