TanQ S 3.5" DIY Build Kit - 4S - by Let's Fly RC


Video System: Avatar Moonlight
Receiver: ELRS

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Introducing the TANQ S 3.5" by Let's Fly RC, a versatile and durable FPV frame designed to meet the highest standards. The TANQ S supports the DJI O3 and Walksnail Moonlight systems. It delivers GoPro-like quality footage without any props or frame in view, even with the widest setting, all while protecting the camera. The TANQ S 3.5" matches the flight performance of a 5" frame and lives up to the TANQ name in terms of durability.

*The TANQ S 3.5" Pro-Spec DIY Build Kit is over 250 grams for added durability* 
Adjust the build by using a lighter battery, removing extra TPU prints, or opting for lighter battery straps to achieve your desired weight. 


Choose the video system that matches your goggles, and which receiver you would like in your build. If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

Build Weight with 4S 660mAh Battery

DJI O3 (ELRS RX) - 295 grams
DJI Runcam Link (ELRS RX) - 285 grams
Avatar Moonlight (ELRS RX) - 302 grams
Avatar V2 Dual (ELRS RX) - 285 grams

Build Includes

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Customer Reviews

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Top plate is a weak link

Update to prior review. Its not OK

Well I now know why it fell out of the sky. The motors crapped out. Do your self a favor and just purchase the frame and maybe the control board but don't buy the kit choose your own motors, in true Rotor Riot fashion they sell cheap parts at very expensive price. Like a dummy I did buy another motor, I just did not want to purchase 4 new motors for a kit I spent nearly 515 dollars for, in hopes to get this thing in the air for longer than 2 minutes.

Its OK

So far Its ok at best. Nothing to brag about here. The build video came out long after the kits were sold so in other words you looked at pictures to figure out how the build was to go. Not hard to do though. The other problem is the cheap components (opinion) On the maiden flight took her out anf gave it a good punch up and it fell out of the sky faster than it rose up to. What caused the crash is unknown at this time but no other build that I have done just quit working so... It is a tough frame though like the name , it fell like a rock, but completely stayed in tact like a tank. Will give it another go and if there is improvement Ill say so and may even change from 4 star to 5 will just have to see.

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