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CellMeter-7 RC Digital Battery Capacity Checker For LiPo LiFe Li-ion Nicd NiMH

Cellmeter-7 is a simple, fast, and brilliant way to check the battery voltage, and most importantly, help you determine the condition of your packs within seconds!

  • Compatible device: NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion
  • Use for LiPo LiFe Li-ion NiMH NiCd battery
  • Applies to check the batteries
  • 2.1″ screen display
  • Battery Type: NiCd/NIMH,Li-Po,LiFe,Li-Ion
  • Cell number: NiCd/NIMH(4-7 Cells),Lithium type(2-7 Cells)
  • Display Mode: Battery cell voltages, total voltages, lowest cell voltage, Highest cell voltage gap between highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage, Remaining battery capacity(%)

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