Ready-to-Ship Bubito Pro-Spec Built & Tuned Drone - Analog / ELRS - 1S

Pro-Grade Micro Built in USA

Version: Analog / ELRS

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Introducing our Ready-to-Ship Drones, the perfect solution for customers who want to start flying as soon as possible. With no build lead time required, you can have your order shipped immediately and begin enjoying your new drone in no time!

BubbyFPV designed this micro-class BNF drone as one of the smallest drones on the market, using the best quality components. The Bubito is the ultimate indoor ripper, perfect for practicing freestyle in tight indoor spaces. The Bubito Pro-Spec is built and tuned by our build team in Orlando, FL.

So why wait? Order your Ready-to-Ship Drone today and take to the skies!

Please NOTE: All of our Ready-to-Ship Drones are sold as-is and cannot be customized or modified. If you're looking for more customization options, be sure to check out our other Ready to Fly Drones. We offer a wide variety of drones with different features and capabilities, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, we have drones that are perfect for you. So browse our selection today and find the drone that's right for you!

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    The FPV Dad
    Great little ripper

    I was super impressed by the tune on the little micro and how well it flew out of the box however, my frame broke right by where one of the motors is on a gentle crash and now it’s out of commission until I get a new frame or transfer to a whoop :) Other than that, I loved it


    Longest lasting 1s bnf j have owned it a year and 10 months . MTurned into a fractal, too 3 bnfs and others are also top 3 5in are ALSO the Moxy and general tunes by the master tuner, I appreciate RR everyone can say they are this or that but when it’s always solid hardware, (Tmotorf7 for everything) and the customer service Tyler puts in is admirable, ALTHOUGH with that being said one person is hurting the image even to die hard supporters like me making everyone hard work pointless, buy the quad! It’s a no brainer!.

    great bnf

    compared to other 65mm, this is built very well with a high quality frame and motors that absolutely rip. echoing the comment about the hard to access usb port but I don't know where else it could go.


    This thing rippppps. Fun little drone. Bought to use inside my small apartment but its abilities really shine outside. Was pretty much bind and fly. I had to remap the channels but that’s it. Also you need a 1.5mm hex driver to gain access to the mini usb but that’s not even really an inconvenience; with a drone this size there really wasn’t anywhere else to put it. Have fun :)

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