Kapperccino Freestyle Beginner Build

Chad has the Rotor Riot pro pilots help him select parts for his new build! Watch the video here! 

Parts List

CL1 Frame by Rotor Riot (Qty: 1) $34.99

Flight Controller:
Raceflight Revolt OSD V3 (Qty: 1) $44.99

Hobbywing XRotor 45A 4-in-1 ESC (Qty: 1) $65.99

Hypetrain Acro 2207 2450KV Motors (Qty: 4) $25.99 each

RunCam Rotor Riot Edition JB Micro Eagle (Qty: 1) $46.95

Receiver & Video Transmitter:
FrSky R-XSR Receiver + RaceDayQuads Mach3 600mW VTX (MMCX) (Qty: 1) $44.99

Lumenier Axii RHCP Antenna (90º MMCX) (Qty: 1) $17.99

HQ Prop V1S 5x4.3x3 PC Propeller (Qty: 1 set) $3.69

Rotor Riot CL1 Antenna Mount (3D Printed) (Axii Version) (Qty: 1) $6.99
Universal GoPro Session Camera Mount (Qty: 1) $12.99
Forever Antenna Tubes (Qty: 1) $2.99
M3 Steel Bolt 340 Piece Kit (Qty: 1) $9.99
M3 Nylon Hex Male-Female Standoffs (Qty: 1) $9.99
Ummagrip LiPo Battery Pad (Qty: 1) $4.99
LiPo Battery Straps (Qty: 2) $ .99
Double-Sided Sticky Tape
Large Zipties (Qty: 3)
Small Zipties (Qty: 4)
Landing Pads (Qty: 1 set of 4)
CL1 Red Camera Mounts (Qty: 1 set)
Antenna Tube Holders (Qty: 1 set)

CNHL 1300mAh 100C 4S LiPo (3 Pack) (Qty: 3 Pack) $50.99


Connection Diagram

Download Full Size Diagram (PDF)

CL1 Beginner Build Wiring Diagram with FlightOne RevoltOSD and Hobbywing XRotor 45A ESC