Cinewhoop 3" Frame


Optional 3D Prints: Frame & Hardware Only

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The Cinewhoop 160mm 3" ducted quad is based on the ShenDrones Squirt. The ducts generate about 240g more thrust so the Cinewhoop is a peppy flyer designed to carry a GoPro Hero. The ducts also double as prop guards so it's safer to fly in close proximity to people.

This DJI Version Includes 40mm Standoffs and a holder for the air unit and its antennae.

You can order with or without 3d printed parts, and with or without the Hero mount. 

Read more about the Squirt development on Andy Shen's website!

Don't have time to build? Check out our professionally built options!

Get 3D Printed Accessories, or print your own from STL's!


  • Bottom (Main) Plate
  • Top Plate
  • Hardware Kit (DJI)
  • Does not include video or receiver antenna mounts

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