Vision40 40mm HD Built & Tuned Drone - 1S or 2S

1-2 Week Lead Time HD Micro Built in USA

Version: 1S
Receiver: ELRS


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We designed this 75mm HD BNF drone as one of the highest-performing HD whoops on the market. The Vision40 is the ultimate HD experience in a micro package, ready to rip anywhere!

NOW Available in a 1S or 2S Version!

1S Features

  • High Power Hypetrain Dime 1002 24000KV Motor
  • 450mW Walksnail 1S Lite HD VTX
  • Powered Off 1s 450mAh LiPo with BT2.0 Connector
  • Spins 40mm Props
  • Flight time - 2-3 Mins
  • Dry Weight (Without Battery) - 32g

2S Features

  • High Power RCinPower 1002 14000KV Motors 
  • 450mW Walksnail 1S Lite HD VTX
  • Powered Off 2s 450mAh LiPo with XT30 Connector 
  • Spins 40mm Props
  • Flight time - 2.5 - 3.5 Mins
  •  Dry Weight (Without Battery) - 38g  

1S Build Includes

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2S Build Includes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Bogdan Berg
My first FPV drone, so glad I picked Vision40!

I'm having an absolute blast, flying every day after work for past week, and frantically ordering more batteries, as the flying sessions... simply fly by! :)

I decreased the rates a bit at the beginning and clipped the throttle at 80% to minimize doing something crazy in a moment of panic (I've had 8-10 hours of simulator time prior, so the transition to real life was surprisingly smooth).

It flies well in the backyard around the house, even when it starts getting a bit darker (I was surprised to see that video actually looks brighter than what I see with naked eye).

As I'm pushing further, hoping that my skills can keep up, I cracked the frame in a total of 4 places so far, but E6000 comes to the rescue (I ordered few spare frames to be able to swap when pieces start falling off ;) ).

Lastly... I just ordered second Vision40. To have a spare for if/when I need to repair the first one but can't wait to fly. I can't think of a better recommendation than that!

Oh and the friendly folks from Rotor Riot support promptly answered all my questions as I was still figuring out initial setup - thank you!

Austin Lynch
Building a twin!

Got this after getting a skyliner hd kit. Getting back in the hobby has been easy to do with the guys here at rotor riot. Now I’m going to start building again. Would definitely recommend the pre built drones from here though 100%!!!!

Terry B.
Vision40 1S

It’s a very impressive 75mm drone. With the 1002 motors instead of 0802 motors, It has plenty of power for simple freestyle flying. Decent flight times considering it has a HD digital vtx. 1S vs 2S reviews complimented the 1S being the better of the 2 options. The power to weight ratio gives the 1S the advantage. I recommend any drone using 1002s over 0802 motors. It pulls well out of a deep dive instead of being overwhelmed by rapid descent under gravity. It comes pre tuned and is very easy to start flying without having to worry with dialing in PIDs. Overall it’s a fun little drone to fly indoors and outside.

Donald Harwood
What a sweet flying machine!

Just a blast! What a great handling drone. The tune and the rates are fantastic. I'm already surpassing what I thought was my limit. You can go wrong with the Vision 40.


So sick. Fast and QUIET! Handles outside just fine. Wish I got longer flights but whatever. So much fun.🤩

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