Moxy 5" Built & Tuned Drone - 6S

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Video System: Avatar HD V2 Micro
Receiver: FrSky
$499 $599


Solder-Free: Everything is 100% plug-n-play, the MR30 Quick Connection System makes assembly a breeze and removes the need for most soldering! Check out our other solder-free options.

Bubby FPV designed his premier signature frame to meet both his high standards for flight performance and crash durability.

Featuring the Bubby FPV 2205 2004Kv motor. Engineered with a 2205 stator size, this motor achieves a lightweight design without compromising on power, thanks to its high 2004KV. Tailored for enthusiasts who seek a refined balance between agility and performance in their FPV drone applications.

This motor excels when paired with the HQ J37 prop, offering a synergistic combination that enhances overall performance for a truly exceptional flying experience.

Choose the video system that matches your goggles, and which receiver you would like in your build. If you have questions about what options would be best for you, please contact customer support, they would be more than happy to help.

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Joseph Zosim

Dope drone

Moxy, es increíble! ✨

I'm a bit of a novice to tell the truth, I have a TANQ and I recently got excited about the Moxy and the difference in flight is notable between the two, I loved my TANQ but the Moxy is equally incredible!!! I am very delighted with the handling and beauty of the Moxy, the versatility is notable from the first flight, it is light but not fragile, the frame is very strong, nothing that can make you distrust the quality, and not to mention the protectors and the incredible work it does NOOZLE3D make a magnificent duo! Thanks Rotor Riot and Noozle3D!

Jaiden Parker
DJI 03 air unit

I’m pretty new into the fpv drone hobby,the reason I did 4 stars and not five is because I had some issues 3 days into flying ,my battery slid into my flight controller and broke and my controller and headset disconnected and my drone crashed ,but honestly of course I crashed it a couple times but it’s a very strong drone

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