Ready-to-Ship Vision40 Built & Tuned Drone - Avatar / ELRS - 1S

HD Drone Built in USA

Version: Avatar 1S Lite / ELRS

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Introducing our Ready-to-Ship Drones, the perfect solution for customers who want to start flying as soon as possible. With no build lead time required, you can have your order shipped immediately and begin enjoying your new drone in no time!

We designed this 75mm HD BNF drone as one of the highest-performing HD whoops on the market. The Vision40 is the ultimate HD experience in a micro package, ready to rip anywhere!

Now Shipping with the Hypetrain Dime 1002 24000KV motor!

So why wait? Order your Ready-to-Ship Drone today and take to the skies!

Please NOTE: All of our Ready-to-Ship Drones are sold as-is and cannot be customized or modified. If you're looking for more customization options, be sure to check out our other Ready to Fly Drones. We offer a wide variety of drones with different features and capabilities, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, we have drones that are perfect for you. So browse our selection today and find the drone that's right for you!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      keith riel
      A blast and as tough as a tank

      As a newcomer to FPV, I sought a small drone to learn how to fly. Needless to say, my training has been a bit rough, yet this thing has endured quite a battering with barely a blemish to show.

      I’d recommend this to anyone seeking a small, sturdy drone to roughhouse with.

      Robert Ondich

      This thing is durable and beyond.. I’m new to FPV and the vision 40 has exceeded all expectations… it allows me to fly in the house without the fear of damaging my property or the drone ( within reason ) all in all this is a great buy

      Captain Kazi
      6 Months with it Now!

      Amazing "No-Propwash" Tune by Tyler Crane is the secret behind this thing!
      On-Board HD 1080 recording
      Durable AF—I've had it for 6 months now, and it's fallen from 60ft here to 80ft there and still ripping strong!
      Super Quiet. The perfect Stealth ripper
      One of my favorite drones!

      I've had to replace the BT2.0 connecter a couple of times; it would also be nice if it was a tiny bit longer for different batteries.
      It is better for outdoor Ripping than indoor ripping; this thing wants to move. You can fly it indoor but I think 65mm are better for that.
      The other cons are more Walksnail mini board specific not the Vision40..
      In my experience, Walknail miniboards tend to have 1 bad file out of every 10. Wondershare Repair works 99% of the time to fix the bad files. I use Wondershare to repair bad GoPro files, too.

      I got a set of dominators because I wanted to fly 38-gram tinywhoops with HD recording and this guy is my favorite, I have a couple others but the tune is so butter on this thing.

      Noah Bartels
      Vision 40 1s

      I love the drones I have purchased from this site. They have had problems but the customer service has made up for that by the willingness to help and assist in any way possible. I have not had the chance to test out the new replacement as I have been busy but I will get to it as soon as I can.


      Well I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I have to fly it LOS as my Walksnail conversion has not shown up and will not ship until the end of march! But, so far it does have a lot of pop for a 1s can’t wait to fly it fpv

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